The Lewis Man

An unidentified corpse is recovered from a Lewis peat bog; the only clue to its identity being a DNA sibling match to a local farmer.

But this islander, Tormod Macdonald – now an elderly man suffering from dementia – has always claimed to be an only child.

When Tormod’s family approach Fin Macleod for help, Fin feels duty-bound to solve the mystery.

The Lewis Man is the follow-up to The Blackhouse,
which was an international bestseller in both hardback and paperback.
It is the second novel in the Lewis trilogy.

A perfectly preserved body is recovered from a peat bog on the Isle of Lewis.

The male Caucasian corpse – marked by several horrific stab wounds – is initially believed by its finders to be over two-thousand years old. Until they spot the Elvis tattoo on his right arm. The body, it transpires, is not evidence of an ancient ritual killing, but of a murder committed during the latter half of the twentieth century.

Meanwhile, Fin Macleod has returned to the island of his birth. Having left his wife, his life in Edinburgh and his career in the police force, the former Detective Inspector is intent on repairing past relationships and restoring his parents’ derelict croft.

But when DNA tests flag a familial match between the bog body and the father of Fin’s childhood sweetheart, Marsaili Macdonald, Fin finds his homecoming more turbulent than expected. Tormod Macdonald, now an elderly man in the grip of dementia, had always claimed to be an only child without close family.

A lie, Fin will soon discover, Tormod has had very good reason to hide behind.

Reviews of The Lewis Man

“The strength and beauty of this book lies in the exploration of the relationships between people. The characters are beautifully drawn and so true to life.”
“The plot is intricate and cleverly fitted together.”
“Having previously read ‘The Blackhouse’ which I thoroughly enjoyed I was concerned the next instalment would not be so enthralling.
However, I absolutely loved this second book in the series and can safely state that May is currently unveiling a cracking series.”
(read the full review)

“deeply tragic… heart-rending”
“Peter May is the [crime] genre’s fine wine; his writing is refined and complex, offering pleasure on many levels.”
“The Blackhouse was an extremely good book; The Lewis Man is a superb book.”
(read the full review)

“another fantastic book and every bit as excellent as The Blackhouse”
“Peter May weaves his wonderful magic and the story unfolds before you in vivid detail”
“…so well written that it absorbs you completely”
“Very highly recommended”
(read the full review)

“if anything, an even more compelling read than its predecessor”
“an outstanding example of the storyteller’s art”
Undiscovered Scotland
(read the full review)
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8 Responses to The Lewis Man

  1. Karen O'Brien says:

    Hi Peter

    Many congratulations on your fantastic trilogy. The first two books have been “unputdownable” and I cannot wait for the third!
    My ancestors spent over two hundred years living on the west coast Scottish island of Gigha before “daring to escape” to the mainland in the 1930’s. Survival was tough and justice dealt out by the islanders themselves (who needs the polis??) I feel you have captured this unique lifestyle perfectly. Well done!

  2. Dick Arentz says:

    Hello Peter,
    I really enjoyed The Lewis Man. More so because I have spent considerable time during the last 25 years making monochromic photographs in the Western Isles. You can see them at
    Dick Arentz

  3. Fiona Crowther says:

    Hello Peter
    I enjoyed The Black House and wanted to buy The Lewis Man on Kindle. However the Kindle edition appears to be only available in the US, while the other two in the series are available in the UK. Is The Lewis Man likely to be released in a Kindle edition soon in the UK?
    I bought The Chessmen on Kindle and am trying not to read it until I have read the previous book!


  4. Fiona Crowther says:

    Brilliant! I’ll look forward to reading it.


  5. William Bzdula Rehoboth, Massachusetts USA says:

    Hello Peter,
    I just finished The Lewis Man and was just captivated by the way you described the feelings and thoughts of a person with Dementia. Sadly my mom was afflicted with it and eventually full Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a terrible disease and this was an eye opener for me and other readers. I first read The Black House and was hooked on Fin and the other characters. I’m looking forward to your other novels and thanks for quality writing.

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