About Peter May

Peter May is a Scot living in France.  Winner of two major French literary awards, May’s books have also won Crime Novel of the Year awards in France, Scotland, the UK, and the United States.

With more than 4 million copies of his books sold, he is best known for his acclaimed “Lewis Trilogy“, set in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. His series of  six “China Thrillers” and six France-based “Enzo Files” are currently enjoying best-selling success in reprints.

His most recent works have been the standalone stories: “Entry Island“, “Runaway“, “Coffin Road“,  and “I’ll Keep You Safe“.

Peter May started his writing career as a journalist, winning a national award at the age of 21. Still in his twenties, he switched to writing drama for UK television. He created three major drama serials in the UK and has credits for scriptwriting or producing more than 1,000 episodes of ratings-topping shows. He quit TV in the 1990s to concentrate on his first love, writing books.


The opening book in “The Lewis Trilogy”, “The Blackhouse” was published first in France as “L’Ile de Chasseurs d”Oiseaux” where it won one of the world’s biggest readers’ prizes, the French Literary award the Cezam Prix Litteraire and was described in France’s “L’Humanité” as “a masterpiece”

“The Blackhouse” was published in he UK by Quercus and spent 9 weeks in the UK best seller charts.

After reading “The Blackhouse” Marilyn Stasio of the New York Times was moved to write: “Peter May is a writer I’d follow to the ends of the earth.”

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11 Responses to About Peter May

  1. Helen McGill says:

    Just reading The Blackhouse now…wonderful storytelling enhanced by clever narrative structure.
    I wait with interest to find out where you’ll go in terms of a trilogy.

    • maypeter says:

      This might come up twice, Helen. But it was difficult at first to contemplate turning a one-of into a trilogy.m but I am happy with the results, and you can judge for yourself when The Lewis Man comes out in February. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Joan says:

    I loved each book in the trilogy – I practically read each one in a single sitting! I moved immediately onto the China thrillers, and have only Chinese Whispers left to read. I had to buy that and Firemaker kindle versions, and scoured the net for 2nd hand versions of the others as, for some reason, new books are currently unavailable. Such is my addiction to your talent, Mr. May, that I now am trying to track down copies of the Enzo Files. Not only are they out of print, they are also out of kindle! So far, I have only managed to find Freeze Frame online, and some audio versions of Dry Bones. Wish me luck in my quest. I’m delighted to hear that you are beginning a new series and that the first one will be published next year. I very much look forward to that! Thank you for the many very contented hours you have given me.

    • Hi Joan, I’m delighted you are enjoying my books. All of the China series are available on Kindle, and will come out early next year in new paperback editions. The Enzo series has never been published in the UK, but will come out later this year, both in Kindle and in paperback. I have still to write the final book in that series. Another, standalone, book “Virtually Dead”, which was published in the States, will also be made available soon in the UK. My next novel is also a standalone, not a series, and will be out next January. A photo companion book for the trilogy, called “Hebrides”, will be out in October.

  3. Joan says:

    Thanks very much for all this very useful, and very welcome information. I’m so pleased the Enzo series is finally to be published here and I really look forward to your new book early next year. I hope your muse allows you to rest a little before you begin again! I’m wondering when an enterprising producer will realise what a wonderful film Chessmen could make. In the right hands it would be terrific – so much would lend itself to great cinema. Obviously The Blackhouse would not be politically correct because of the Gulag hunt, and Lewisman perhaps needs the references to it, but Chessmen has everything for a very wide audience. Anyway, enjoy some relaxation now your manuscript has been sent!

  4. David McDowell says:

    I would love to see one or more of the books made into a film. However I would be concerned that the fixation of film with having something happen every five minutest and the format might not do justice to the wonderful books. The books transported me to a totally engrossing island world, the Black House being read in one day as a result. I have never done that before. I doubt if a film could match that feeling but I might be pleasantly surprised.

  5. Christine Parkinson says:

    mixed feelings. would love film/s but not at the expense of great story spoiled or setting compromised.

  6. Philippe says:

    Hello Peter,
    I happen first to read the 5th tome of the chinese serie and then i had to buy the whole serie -witch i read within two weeks- and now the scotisch serie.
    These books are great books! There are fascinating about China and Schottland also.
    I want now to go to these lands to see and ‘humer l’atmosphère’.
    Thanks a lot for these stories,
    And have a nice day
    Philippe from france

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