Videos from Peter May…

The Blackhouse – the multi-million selling book that was almost left in a drawer…

Where it all started… the first book: The Little Elf (by Peter May, aged 4)

The Blackhouse research images

The Lewis Man research Images

The Lewis Man Book Trailer

Lewis Trilogy research images

China Thrillers research images 1

China Thrillers research images 2

China Thrillers research images 3

The Jian Bing pancake – Chinese street food

China Research – What’s for Lunch? Peter Speaking in New York City

China Research – Payback Time. Peter Speaking in New York City

China Research – When fiction becomes fact. Peter Speaking in New York City

China Research – Peter reads the prologue of the Firemaker to fans in New York City

Peter talks about the research for Snakehead (series of 6 videos)

Peter reflects on 2016, the Enzo Files and Cast Iron

Enzo Files – research images from The Critic

Enzo Files – Cahors, Enzo’s home town

Peter helping with the grapepicking and sharing a meal with neighbours in his home village in France

Peter treks across the real Coffin Road

Isle of Harris, Music and images inspired by Coffin Road

Peter on the Isle of Harris

Peter talks about Entry Island

The history behind Entry Island and The Highland Clearances

Peter talks about his writing process

Richard and Judy Bookclub interview with Peter for The Blackhouse

Peter interviewed in the USA on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Peter interviewed by broadcaster Derek Bateman

Peter’s acceptance speech for The Barry Award in Albany New York

Peter shares his recipes for Asian ribs and Korean barbecued chicken

RUNAWAY – Penn and May music video to accompany the book