First Feedback

I thought it might be interesting to publish a selection of excerpts from the emails that have come flooding into my website since the publication of “The Blackhouse”.  So here goes…

My partner has just read The Blackhouse – she tells me it is the best book she has read for a long time!  My turn next! (AS)

and later…

I have just started the book – not sure if I can put it down though!!! (AS)

I’ve just finished reading The Blackhouse and I thought I’d like to send you my compliments on what I think is your finest work to date (and that’s saying something given the quality of your previous works!!). The book is completely compelling and the plot held me totally from the first page to the last… (PM) – no, it’s not me!

and this from a 15-year-old girl…

Four days ago on a shopping trip I spontaneously purchased ‘The Blackhouse’ by Peter May. I finished the book approximately 2 hours ago. I would like to congratulate you on a captivating novel.  I thought the book was incredibly unique, probably because of the detail and passion you expressed towards the Scottish traditions and cultures in the book…  To conclude, I would like to say that I think your writing style is very special and that I thoroughly relished every page of your book. (AD)

I am an avid reader and have just finished reading The Blackhouse. Truly one of the best books I have ever read. (LR)

I’d just like to tell you how much I enjoyed “The Blackhouse”. I’m from Greenock and live in Derbyshire now, so the Outer Hebrides might as well be on the moon, but the book brought Lewis to life in what felt like a very heartfelt novel…. A terrific and affecting read. (DP)

What a great, great book.  On the one hand I didn’t want to put it down, on the other hand I didn’t want to finish it, because I didn’t want the reading of it to come to an end… best thing I’ve read in a very long time. (DM)

this one cracked me up…

I would like to say that this is the first book of yours I have  read (The Blackhouse).  I wish I had read your other books, now I will… I could not put it down. I read the book instead of looking at the Welsh Rugby team playing England.  My wife could not believe it that I read a book instead of looking at the rugby match on TV (I am a Welsh man)! (KO)

and this I take as the greatest compliment of all, coming from the man who leads the real guga hunters out to a storm-lashed rock (Sulasgeir) in the North Atlantic every August…

Hi Pete, just to let you know how much the Sulasgeir crew liked The Blackhouse. I just could not put it down, reading till 1 am. every morning. I was knackered.  Thank God I finished it.  All the best from the Sulasgeir crew. (JDM)

About Author Peter May

International best-selling author of several series of books: the Lewis Trilogy - "The Blackhouse", "The Lewis Man" and "The Chessmen" - The Enzo Files and the China Thrillers, as well as standalone novels including "Entry Island", "Runaway" and "Coffin Road".
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2 Responses to First Feedback

  1. Carol says:

    Praise well earned if you ask me!! It is a brilliant book!

    C x

  2. Peter May says:

    Not, of course, that you are biased in any way 🙂

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