The Man With No Face

Happy New Year! And I’m happy to announce the publication of The Man With No Face.  This book was originally written and published in 1981, it’s a fast-moving political thriller is set in 1979 but is contemporary in its themes, which is why my editor suggested it was time for a new edition.

Set on the eve of a UK general election, the topic on everyone’s lips is Britain’s membership of the European Union.  Political conspiracies, freedom of the press, corruption and assassinations, all set in the pre-internet era, when nobody had mobile phones and information was slower to travel and easier to conceal.

The Man With No Face



Brussels, 1979. Jaded Edinburgh journalist Neil Bannerman arrives in the capital of European politics intent on digging up dirt. Yet it is danger he discovers, when two British men are found murdered.


One victim is a journalist, the other a Cabinet Minister: the double-assassination witnessed by the former’s autistic daughter. This girl recalls every detail about her father’s killer – except for one.


With Brussels rocked by the tragedy, Bannerman is compelled to follow his instincts. He is now fighting to expose a murderous conspiracy, protect a helpless child, and unmask a remorseless killer.

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Meet me on the launch tour for “The Man With No Face”

Monday 14th January – Glasgow

6.30pm – Book Talk
Venue: Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow G3 7DN


Tuesday 15th January – Perth

7pm – Book Talk
St John’s Kirk, St John’s Place, Perth PH1 5SZ


Wednesday 16th January – Inverness

6.30pm – Book Talk
Eden Court Theatre, Inverness


Thursday 17th January – Edinburgh

6.30pm – Book Talk
Edinburgh Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh


Friday 18th January – Edinburgh

12 noon – Signing
WH Smiths, Unit 14, 33 Gyle Avenue, EH12 9JT

About Author Peter May

International best-selling author of several series of books: the Lewis Trilogy - "The Blackhouse", "The Lewis Man" and "The Chessmen" - The Enzo Files and the China Thrillers, as well as standalone novels including "Entry Island", "Runaway" and "Coffin Road".
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19 Responses to The Man With No Face

  1. annie MULLER says:

    and when do you come in France ?? I live in the east of France (near Strasbourg)and I would be very happy too meat you !!

  2. Pat B says:

    Can’t wait to read it; will it be out in paperback soon? have read all your novels,loved Enzo and China series. Looking forward to TV/film version? when will you visit the Midlands to do a signing?

  3. Macgregor Hay says:

    Peter-Will you be attending the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year? We missed you in 2018?

  4. Jean Quinn says:

    Going to buy somwhere tesco hasn’t got it yet 🤔

  5. Tom Welsh says:

    Just finished reading “The Man with no face” and enjoyed reading it. Had not read ‘Hidden Faces’ so do not know if Tania appeared in that; the portrayal would have been ahead of its time, as it was so little understood then. Is it pertinent to ask if Tania was based around observation of someone with autism? It was sensitively handled, and with the popularity for presenting autism in fiction nowadays, kept it clear and simple, and so it fitted into the plot.

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  7. Rose says:

    Hi Peter, I am a fellow Scot now living in the USA. I read your Scottish books and have just completed the Chinese series. I am feeling a little unsatisfied by the abrupt ending. Does this mean you are writing, or have written, a 7th book. I hope so. Your knowledge of China and it’s culture is astonishing. Did you spend a long time there. I recently met Ian Rankin, at a book store in Vero Beach, Florida. What a charming man. I suppose you know him quite well. My question is will you be doing a US book tour, and might you come to Vero Beach. I am now about to choose another book of yours. Spoiled for choice. Thank you for so much good reading.

    • Hi Rose, I’m delighted you have enjoyed the China books. The series was cut short after six books by my then UK publisher who refused to commission any more – and it’s way too late to go back now. Yes, I do know Ian – a very prolific and successful writer. I am doing a brief North American tour next April, but just NYC and LA in the States, and British Columbia in Canada.

    • Rose says:

      Dear Peter, Sad to note no Florida tours, I am always amazed at the caliber of writers who make Vero Beach one of their stops. Just looked at your recent tour in Scotland. Just saying, I think a small jaunt to Southern Florida would make a very agreeable tour in the middle of winter. Lol. Best regards

      • I’m afraid it’s my publisher who schedules the tours, Rose. Though, to be fair, I have put strict limits on my travel these days for health reasons, Sadly, Florida is one of the few mainstream states in the US that I have never been to.

  8. Macgregor Hay says:

    Peter-We missed you in Edinburgh this year at the Edinburgh International Book Festival! Inspired by Edinburgh’s event we are launching the Sisters Festival of Books in Sisters, Oregon. Any chance you can add us to your tour. You are an wonderful writer and we’d love it if you could join us. Macgregor Hay, Sisters, Oregon

    • I was scheduled to visit Oregon on one of my US tours a few years back, Mac, but my event there got cancelled for some reason (I can’t remember why now). These days my tours are limited for health reasons (it’s why I haven’t been to Edinburgh for the last two years). My N. American tour next April will only take in NYC and LA, as well as British Columbia in Canada, so I’m afraid Oregon won’t be on the schedule. But I wish you every good luck with the festival.

  9. Dear Mr. May,
    Lived in Brussels for 14 years and loved the “character” aspect of the city in your book…the plot’s not bad, either! ; )
    Question: Who, if anyone, has film rights?
    John Flanders

    • Very happy that you enjoyed the book, John. I was back in Brussels earlier this year for the first time in 40 years, and it would be fair to say that it has changed! In answer to your question, the film rights for “The Man With No Face” are still free.

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